The famous HIIT workout method

Our HIIT workout schedules are organized into high intensity, 45-minute group workout sessions. Our tri training session consists of 3 elements. Treadmills, resistance, and intensity. Our sessions incorporate a full body workout all led by a fully trained instructor. During the workout, we track your heart rate and performance through our TRIB3 SWEAT app. Our studio is a state of the art designed workout space with specially created playlists and custom lighting. And best of all, our custom designed workouts and studio are guaranteed to get you results you can be proud of.

Our workout experience gets results for everyone

Our motto for our HIIT workout is that we sweat together, we have fun together, and we achieve together. However, we know that everyone is at different levels fitness wise, so we leave it to you to decide your intensity level. After your first workout, talk to our friendly trainers and you can decide whether you need to go up a level, if you need a less intense workout, or if it’s best to stay at your current level.

Custom made for your personal growth

Science has proven that high intensity interval training is the most effective way to burn calories. Our 45-minute HIIT workout sessions are designed with 3 elements to guarantee that you will burn hundreds of calories. Our expert coaches will guide you every step of the way through your workout. We train in group sessions, because studies have shown this is the best way to get individuals fully motivated. However, to make it personal for you, we get you to set your own intensity level. This ensures the only person you will be competing with is yourself. 

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