Our HIIT workout in Manchester is the ultimate group workout

Try our HIIT workout in Manchester and get ready for an unforgettable high-intensity class. Our researched based workouts use cutting edge science to tailor a workout session just for you. When you book in for your first session, we advise you to arrive a little early to greet and get to meet your coach. We’ll show you around the gym to get you familiar with the gym set up and the studio layout. All you need to bring to our HIIT workout in Manchester is your enthusiasm, and we’ll do the rest to make the most of your workout.

Replenishing never tasted so good

Nine standard delicious shakes and the “Shake of the Month” that can be suggested by you.

We’ve got the perfect recipe for your recovery. There are shakes for both pre and post workout, with flavours to suit all tastes. You can choose either plant-based or dairy-based protein and we’ll blend it up with juice or almond milk, nut-butters and fruit to make your perfect shake.

Post workout care

After your HIIT workout in Manchester we’ll give you a post workout cool down to help you recover and keep you coming back for more. We’ll help you relax with our lavender-scented face towels as a reward for completing an energetic workout. Once you are cooled down, a warm shower awaits to complete your warm down process. At TRIB3, after our HIIT workout in Manchester, we make sure to celebrate your achievements with you. We’ll send you an email and a summary to your app so you can see the calories burned and your sweat points earned. Any questions? The do not hesitate to contact us!

Refuel and get to know the TRIB3 family

Not only do we offer HIIT workout in Manchester, but we also have state of the art changing rooms specially designed to help you recover and feel great. Our HIIT workout in Manchester studio has complimentary toiletries to pamper yourself and to make you feel totally refreshed. You can grab your refueling shake that you ordered from the mixology bar and relax while you get to meet and regroup with your fellow workout warriors.