Treadmill workout to get your heart pumping

Jump on a treadmill and get your heart pumping and your body sweating. Our intensive treadmill workouts combine endurance and incline running with sprints to burn maximum calories in your workout.


Resistance training

You can’t beat pumping some iron to tone your muscles and improve your body strength. Our workouts include a combination of functional and resistance movements to sculpt and tone your muscles and give you that body burn feeling.


Intensive air bike workout

Our air bike workout is designed to give you a full body workout. This is the zone where your input will increase your output. The more effort you put in, the more calories you will burn.


Shakes to replenish your energy

Choose your custom made shakes from our mixology bar and it will be waiting for you straight after your workout. They are specially formulated to help with your post workout recovery with delicious flavours to suit all tastes.


Bar and lounge

Our studio has a place where you can relax and interact with the other workout warriors. We have community events every month with our famous tribal gatherings.